It’s getting to be that time of the year….BRRR!

Much of the leaves around my place have increasingly changed. It’s definitely colder, then this time last year. Looks like we’re in for this year. The crickets, bees are gone and the silence of being in the woods is upon me, just the way I like it. I favor this time of year, for the changes in scenery are extremely satisfying, not to forget, I have a big pond, a stones throw, from my living room window. Yes indeed, its that time of year. The kids are in school, Halloween costumes on television and the air conditioners out of the windows. The purring of my beloved “PoPo” next to me and Susan Cain’s “Quiet” book, ready to continue to be read. Fascinatingly comfortable it is, to be able to have the peace of mind, that living a life of peace is within my reach. To stay out of trouble and to keep interpersonal conversations to a minimum, other than my family of course….Does it startle anyone, when the house phone rings? It does to me, and the volume is already at it’s lowest volume.

New England is a beautiful part of the U.S, where scenery is marvelous especially this time of year. Other than living, in complete isolation, locked in a box, this is by far, the best place I’ve ever lived. Being born and raised in New York Metro and on Long Island, retiring in a place like this and being a writer, one can have much to tell, especially with the rich history New England brings…The menacing point of it, is the unfathomable disregard for driver safety and other fellow drivers. Other than that, New England is a beautiful place to live. Now, that’s not to say, that it’s not riddled with crime because, on a daily basis, I’ve watched on television, many murders and drunk driving, not to mention a good ole’ mob story or two.

It was much stress that brings me to a sobering conclusion, that as much as I enjoy driving, the actions of so many, on a daily basis, drive not because they use it for transportation, but use it for a release of some sort. A reluctant disregard for traffic laws, not to mention others safety. More than enough space is available, but to see drivers drive on the shoulder because of the lack of room, is just plain ridiculous, not to mention dangerous. And for some reason, I have yet to see a reckless driver get caught in the act, have you?…Damn, I got a bit off track….So, the days are seemingly losing daylight earlier, and frost has definitely arrived here at night and it’s only mid-September.

Only in my early 30’s, and I feel like an old man, though with much left in the tank, I feel though as life is winding down and the social life of my kids, is increasing…Though, I’ve been told many years ago, that I was born in the wrong decade, that I should born earlier, but God made it this way, so I will hold Him accountable for having me here, as an introvert.



About luis castillo

An introvert who enjoys reading, writing and journal entry and recently picked up iphoneography along the way. My "Walls of Solitude" is my sanctuary and where most, if not all of my writings scream through my fingertips.
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2 Responses to It’s getting to be that time of the year….BRRR!

  1. mrphilgru says:

    My social life is limited to my online activity and my family, too. I rarely go to the village and enjoy living in a beach front house not requiring much of a company. I got grocery delivery and the only times I need to go public is to buy mosquito repellent.
    Why do you feel like an old man? I realize this may be an issue you want to discuss with a professional, but Internet provides limitless opportunities for sharing personal with complete strangers and sometimes I find it beneficial and quite therapeutic.
    Luis help me out, please, – how do you set up the posts to be displayed on the front page like you have? I’ve been going crazy with WP all morning and can’t beat it, yet. I go to Settings->Reading and the Front Page is set to display recent posts. No matter what I choose – display full post or a summary, it doesn’t change. I just get the one latest post on the front page. arrrrr.

    • I do see both a psychologist and a psychiatrist. I have back pain, hence, the old man feel, lol….If you have more than 1 blog, that could be the issue, as for me, I just have the one blog, so whenever I post something, it gets published to “the reader” section and the tags of all those that I put in the category line

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