Walls of Solitude!


Yes, it feels grand to be home. Knowing that I would be out today, I had it all packed…journal, laptop, iphone, and my “Quiet” book by Susan Cain. It was, to say the least, a sobering day, to what life is like when I leave the house. It is still very hard to deal with life, outside my walls, but I can’t stay indoors forever. It turned out to be a warm, sunny day and it was kind of nice to get out for the fresh air. Other than a particular incident of getting revved up, it turned out to be a positive day.

Back to my hideout, my room and my “walls of solitude”. It feels extremely satisfying, almost like winning the lottery. Seems weird, I’m sure, but to me, this is my vacation, my zone where it all comes together. It feels sweet…yes, it does. Feels good to be home.


About luis castillo

An introvert who enjoys reading, writing and journal entry and recently picked up iphoneography along the way. My "Walls of Solitude" is my sanctuary and where most, if not all of my writings scream through my fingertips.
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