University of Self-Knowledge! No financial aid needed!!


Classes come and go, but knowledge, carries on, expanding the mind, till we die…Tell me that’s not true. Who wants to go to a college, that gives us the education to succeed, if we probably won’t get into your chosen field of study? Not to, by any means, play down the importance of a good education. It is just, so many graduate and go back home, to find opportunities in telemarketing, when they forked up the money, not to mention thousands in debt, for an education in astrophysics. 

Thankfully, I didn’t waste my time, with the exception of 1 year of community-college, to figure out that a higher education, was not in my plans for a future. It didn’t take long, to realize an introvert does not belong in a classroom full of students, that I had no interest in being next to. For me, my education, came from staring at a tree, blowing in the wind, to give me the thoughts of, “Hey, I can write, I’ll do that”. It is my greatest pleasure to introduce….ME! The introverts of Introversion. The completest, most identifiable introvert of them all. It just doesn’t get any more realistic than this. To find out who I am, and to acknowledge it and move on. To be me, is all I can do…not to sugarcoat, not to embellish in anyway shape or form….and definitely not for a good read. It is I, Luis, in all I am, to show you, that I am a wall with more cracks, than a dam about to give way. 

I am sympathetic to a certain degree, but get angry, with just a flick of the switch or just a nudge of it. It is burdensome, to say the least, of how my temper flares, in the easiest of ways….That should be a good program of study, Anger or Angerism or Angerology, or something along of that nature. To know myself, is the education most valuable because what’s the point of learning a particular field of study, if not knowing thy self first. It’s like learning to run, before you can walk. Does any of this makes sense to some?  For those who have succeeded in higher education, I salute you, but for those of us who feel it’s not within our reach or if it’s just not who we are, you are certainly not alone.


About luis castillo

An introvert who enjoys reading, writing and journal entry and recently picked up iphoneography along the way. My "Walls of Solitude" is my sanctuary and where most, if not all of my writings scream through my fingertips.
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