Vehicles becoming an extension of ourselves


Of course it is. It’s that very purpose to what happens to each and every one of us, when the feeling of road rage, kicks into high gear. Why is that so? Do we feel, that the bigger the vehicle, the more impact it will have on the smaller Nissan Versa, or is how we can easily outrun an aggressive driver, with our speedy Chevy Camaro. One way or the other, it becomes a mission, to get back into your normal, calm self once “you’ve been activated”. It is a switch, a switch easily triggered for most, and for the seldom few, the switch that takes a bit longer to turn on. But, one way or the other, it’s a dangerous world and with cars becoming faster and more maneuverable, highways become test tracks for the rush-enthusiast and reckless driver. Let’s not get started on the motorcycles that scream past, in between, of an already bumper to bumper traffic…that’s another blog. 

Where are we heading? Is everyone going to need a dash-cam, to record video? Law enforcement use them, for their protection, but what of the civilian that just wants to get their destination with no issues? Is it going to cost them an arm and a leg, or will they just be able to install it themselves? Maybe it’ll bring insurance rates down! All the meanwhile, drivers take to the roads at their own risks, just driving to get somewhere, not to race to the next light. 

Their is one problem that can be noticeably addressed. It’s these movies of extravagant racing scenes and death-defying driving skills, that are made for movies. People are easily influenced by movies such as these, and try to perform them on the streets. I understand the marketing aspect of it, but to continuously promoting movies like these, are detrimental to civilized drivers that obey traffic laws. It is a burden that we all, sadly, have to deal with, in this day in age. Promote safety, not just a small tag-line at the end of movies, that suggest the film was based in closed courses and stunt-drivers did the driving. To the easily influenced, they feel, that they too can achieve success and, not to mention, the motivation needed to attempt maneuvers, as in the movies. 

And we wonder why their is so much road rage, it’s because we aren’t giving the needed space, an idiot would need, to complete a trick, he or she saw, in any one of those “Fast and the Furious” movies or “Gone in 60 seconds” and every other movie that has ridicu


About luis castillo

An introvert who enjoys reading, writing and journal entry and recently picked up iphoneography along the way. My "Walls of Solitude" is my sanctuary and where most, if not all of my writings scream through my fingertips.
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