The Best Intentions Are Out The Window, Literally…

I always leave my apartment, with the best intentions. I’m going to follow the speed limit, stop at every light, even occasionally let a driver cut-in, because it’s only fair, his exit is coming up. He used his turn signal, so I thought he had the best intentions…but, what about the douche, that’s riding my bumper because I let the guy in front cut in! Damn it, their it goes, out the window. I tried, I really did. Everything was working how it was suppose to. I respected the law, but not anymore, the hell with it…

That’s how it starts, my friends…if it’s not that way, then it’s another. It has become the age of, driving to please aggressive drivers, because if we don’t, who knows what’s going to happen next. Will we get shot? Will we get into a purposeful accident, to beat the crap out of each other? It’s the unknown, that is frightening, because it’s really all about what will happen, and not would might happen. This is not the way to live. I honestly do not understand how truckers maintain their sanity, when some driver cuts right into their lane. Is it because the driver can outrun a trucker, or is it because it’s the truckers job, to keep his composure and maintain discipline behind the wheel. It is a mad house out there. It has become the “Indy 500” without the supercars. It truly is a mad-dash to get to work.

Truckers have Qualcomm systems, to track speeds of truckers at any time. Maybe they should install them in new cars. It has become such a dangerous trend, that anything goes, at anytime of the day. Bikers squeeze between cars, in traffic jams-cars drive on the shoulder, and those high occupancy vehicle lanes (HOV), do nothing to curb the monstrosity that drivers are willing to do, to show other drivers their reckless-ego driven skill of driving. Drivers take to the roads at night, with headlights off (we’ve seen them) and have no brake lights and the most common, switching lanes without their turn signal.

Drivers have become increasingly obsessed with having no dents and scratches on their vehicles, to make things worse, drivers tend to drive very slow, when reaching a rocky-part of highway, for the danger of being dented by a rock. Really? It’s drivers like that, that buy the corvettes and the Porsche’s, that have them so clean, that the reflection is what they crave, but if there’s the slightest dent, they scream at the world, WHY?, WHY ME?

I love the commercials of the new Cadillac, or the new Range Rover…to see how they take turns, going around a corner, changing gears, and the smiles of the people inside the vehicles and such…Oh, the marketing and how people give in to such utter crap. Makes me laugh, but also, makes me feel sad, for the easy consumer to go out and spend money on something, that will diminish in value, as soon as they leave the lot….As for me, my vehicles are used, high mileage and family friendly.


About luis castillo

An introvert who enjoys reading, writing and journal entry and recently picked up iphoneography along the way. My "Walls of Solitude" is my sanctuary and where most, if not all of my writings scream through my fingertips.
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