Wanting Peace, A Sign of Weakness?

What has this world come to, if violence is the solution, to getting a statement across. It has become the normalcy of getting the job done. Forget about finding peace, or living it for that matter. To be violent and enforce it, is what this world has come to. It is to make us feel inferior and give in to demands. That is the goal of the aggressor. Governments and militants all around the world, enlist their children to demand hostility, as a natural instinct, while here, in America are trying to curb it, by instilling fuzzy cartoons and “Dora The Explorer” and “Thomas The Train”.

Teaching our children to be peaceful, is not only good, but it should be the action taken for all situations. Because most of us adults have learned, hostilities only get us so far, before death comes knocking. It’s horrible, but it’s reality in it’s ugliest form…Some countries prohibit violent video games, provocative videos, and limit internet access. But, in America, it’s “The Land of the Free, and The Home of The Brave”, and look where it’s gotten us. We have home-grown terrorists, have shoot-outs in our most populating cities, gangs rule and not to mention our government is fighting within itself, with threats of government shutdown and thinking of ways, to police other countries…A country nearly 300 years in the making, and it’s already losing it’s grip, on where we stand in this world.

People want peace and order. It is the only way to progress. How can aggression and persecution do anything, but demolish what this country has fought so hard to achieve. Government constantly lying to it’s people that we are still invisible and that they can protect us. Full of crap? Of course. Are they lying all the time? Of course. Will they ever tell us the truth, maybe. But, they’ll put bits and pieces of it, in a really good movie, with of course a bit of embellishment and the fact that America triumphs in the end.

Politics is all about winning, at all costs…to get voters to vote, in favor for them, so they can better serve their political party. It’s common sense. But, the end game is always the same, regardless of which party is at the top…We are no more safe, than we were pre-911, and nothing the government says can change minds and if they manage to comfort some, then they themselves have been duped. It doesn’t take Edward Snowden to find out, that the U.S government is spying on it’s citizens….Oh yeah! And any of us think that our Iphone’s aren’t the best tracking devices for the government, think again. It is in every new idea that comes out, that has something that can be traced, Every upgrade, every console, every modem (wireless or not). It just takes a little investigative work. Nothing, is without consequence. Therefore, it is Just, to be indoors and not mingle in public. I am not paranoid, because I’m not a threat, but it is a good thing to know, that we are all watched, at any given time.

This, my friends, is what the United States of America has come to…The people, individually may want peace, but the country, as a whole, as a superpower does not want to show signs of weakness. Even though, evil is working from within its borders.


About luis castillo

An introvert who enjoys reading, writing and journal entry and recently picked up iphoneography along the way. My "Walls of Solitude" is my sanctuary and where most, if not all of my writings scream through my fingertips.
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