Life Is Never Straight, But A Detour To Something Else


It’s a part of life, and we all felt it before. Just when things happen, how we “expect” them to, they fall apart, then we are left pondering what happened along the way. What I’m wondering is, how could something like this, happen in the lives of the aristocrats. Ah!, so you see, money isn’t the ruler of all. It may buy you materialism, but it won’t keep you safe from God. Those who are in high society, are learning it, the hard way. We, on the opposite end of that spectrum can blatantly see, that lives are being crushed, by the money and power of celebrity status. The poor, want to be rich and the rich are looking for a way out.

Wanting fame and fortune turns the most warm-hearted individual, into the very person they once despised. Lottery winners especially, have that transformation literally overnight. Why? It is the Christmas gift, they always anticipated…not the lottery, but the gift of receiving their dream gift, as a child…Now, as an adult, the money that can buy what ever they possibly can imagine, can be theirs for the taking. For anyone winning the lottery, it is ALWAYS life-changing for the worst. I’ve always wondered, how could God grace people with that amount of money, knowing they will destroy themselves. That never made sense to me, but then again, I guess God hasn’t unlocked that part of my wisdom, yet.

One day at a time…it is, what it is, and what ever comes to me, it is because God allows it to happen, in the manner it happens. What a concept that is. To live life, knowing God guides every step, every curse, every thought, and every night, He puts me to bed. He puts all of us to bed, when He allows it. That is just mind-blowing. I was always a God-fearing man, but until 2013 came around, I came to the conclusion, not to resist anymore, but to have Him guide my every step. My every word that spills through my finger tips and into this screen.

What would it take, for all of us, to see God and His miracles? I live with it everyday, looking out my rear view windows of my apartment, to see the endless wonders, of all the changing leaves and the abundance of trees and the grass littered with dying leaves, from when ever the wind blows. It’s just fascinating to me and I thank Him for bringing me, to such a place to live. From the city boy, to the country boy…It has been a great transition and never a withdrawal from wanting to be back in New York. It is the wonderful bliss of living in nature, that brings my writing into focus.



About luis castillo

An introvert who enjoys reading, writing and journal entry and recently picked up iphoneography along the way. My "Walls of Solitude" is my sanctuary and where most, if not all of my writings scream through my fingertips.
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1 Response to Life Is Never Straight, But A Detour To Something Else

  1. Your right on this post, I always believed that God has plan for all of us and things happen for a reason…

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