The Love Of Introversion


Maybe it’s the thought of everywhere I turn, there’s a wall! The feeling of being secure, in my surroundings is very important to me. It’s an exuberant sensation, to be alone during the day. Most enjoy their gregarious nature, I crave my burrow, that is my room. My sweet, modest of a place where I flourish with thoughts of putting into writing. It is now, that I endure my everlasting peace, while the kids are in school (all extroverts), and get to be one with you all. Fascinatingly blissful to be in silence and solitude, to not hear a whisper, only the steps of my own feet, if and when I choose to get up from my chair. No need to change the music, it’s Chopin, with a few Mozart pieces and when I’m in the mood, I’ll play Trance, which is, to say, not the least bit quiet, but it’s a good jolt to the heart. Since I started my blog, I found it almost imperative, that I keep at it. Constantly trying to better my writing, to eventually publish something, is a goal for me.

To enjoy nature, at a glance is crucial for my motivation. It gives me the strength to carry on writing. The leaves changing color, is very satisfying and wonderful. It is almost a reflection of myself, slowly withering away. Invitations for Facebook games is more nonchalant than anything else. It is in reading and writing, listening to classical music, coffee, and perhaps a beer or two and I am in earthly heaven. Parties? No…Socializing? Definitely not…I do not like speaking on the phone much at all. Usually the indecorous individuals I stay away from, if I come across them. It is not, in my nature for small talk or to ask how the party or date went. I speak only when the need to do so transpires.

To be a protagonist, is to be the ultimate extrovert…not to mention the sumptuous of all things.  It is in my best interest, to be modest and live modest. Though, that wasn’t always the case, when I was younger. However, as I get older, I learned to appreciate what I have. The relationships of the closest to me, are what I cherish and hold dear because they are who I have and see most frequently. It is in the moments of exhaling and letting the burdens go, that can make the difference. So, you may ask, “Well, how are you living life to the best of your potential?”, and I would respond, “Simple, it is in writing what I know and how I feel, that is most rewarding”


About luis castillo

An introvert who enjoys reading, writing and journal entry and recently picked up iphoneography along the way. My "Walls of Solitude" is my sanctuary and where most, if not all of my writings scream through my fingertips.
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