Sold, To The Highest Liar

Talk about despicable me! Great title for a cartoon movie, but also, the headline for the U.S governments handle, on a situation that has quickly become so unambiguous, their is no need to hide. Mr. Obama says he feels exasperated with the republicans and vice versa. No one is taking the initiative to collaborate, but are trying to push through their agendas. Watching and listening to the newscast lately, it looks likely that eventually their could be a meltdown or a complete take over of one party or the other. It seems futile to argue otherwise. Both parties are becoming more and more disingenuous, but not to the point of becoming indecorous, not yet anyway. The U.S government has become precarious. Unless you are one of the aristocrats of government, none of us will ultimately know what is happening. Is it extreme assertiveness or all about the ego? Regardless of what it may be, both parties are embellishing their agendas for the future of their political parties. Much dissipation on what is really important for our beloved country is the most important, in my opinion. Let America, be America, not the universal law enforcement agency, that is becoming almost explicitly prominent.


About luis castillo

An introvert who enjoys reading, writing and journal entry and recently picked up iphoneography along the way. My "Walls of Solitude" is my sanctuary and where most, if not all of my writings scream through my fingertips.
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