Understanding Heaven, Hell and Purgatory

I don’t know about others, but the last time I did research on Satan, I had trippy nightmares. That was a more of an awakening that I somehow either got his attention, or it was God telling me to disengage from researching Satan. Either way, one or the other was confirming that something was happening. This was many years ago before I intensely put my faith in God and the Lay Carmelites. Now since I am not in the Lay Carmelites or practicing to become a Deacon, I feel compelled to share the knowledge that came forth from studying so much. It is a huge misconception that Satan is completely out of his mind evil. It’s not like it is in the movies, the some is. The same is for God/Jesus/Holy Spirit (Trinity). The bible gives us the old and the new testaments. Satan has his own book also.

We are living in hell, right now. Though, not the eternal fire that comes after Judgment Day, but nonetheless, we are living in the last days. Not many people believe that we die twice. It’s true that we live once, but we in fact do die twice. When we die, we are sent to purgatory with Saint Michael, to be purified until Mother Mary comes to retrieves us. In purgatory, at judgment day, we are sent to heaven because those that are in purgatory, are assured heaven at the end of their purification. Though, if we are alive at the Last Judgment, we are giving the one and only judgment and from their, we either go to Heaven or Hell.

All this comes from years of study…


About luis castillo

An introvert who enjoys reading, writing and journal entry and recently picked up iphoneography along the way. My "Walls of Solitude" is my sanctuary and where most, if not all of my writings scream through my fingertips.
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