Who would you follow if….

It’s not a mystery that we are born into sin, we all know that, it’s common knowledge once we take into account what Adam and Eve has done. Each and every one of us has the ability to do good and evil, but eventually we must pick one or the other. Regardless of organized religion…it eventually comes down to God or Satan! As we mature, it becomes clear that Satan is among us, while Jesus strives to intervene and get into our thick skulls to repent of our sins.

Which ever side we decide to follow, it becomes transparent that their is no middle ground. So many Hollywood dramas, television shows give us the assumption that Satan is the indecorous beast. It is true, but not always. He is as subtle as a whisper or as sonorous as the roar of a lion. Many misconceptions of Satan are everywhere, however, he is showing the world the disingenuous side of himself at this very moment. His decorum can be as sumptuous as an educated, well dressed person or as assertive as a Floyd Mayweather. It is true that Satan is the prominent one, who desires to be engaged upon.

A question I find myself constantly asking is, if Jesus is the one who wakes us in the morning, is it because we didn’t do anything foolish the night before causing a crash, or is it because we decided to stay home in peace! Sometimes I wonder, where is the justice for those who pursue it! Satan destroys minds, but what of the minds that pursue him and have no ill will toward others. Is that possible? Our Lord Jesus Christ explains to us that Satan is all evil and to repent of all our sins, but what if Satan causes us to live a subtle life with a mundane life and to keep away from hostiles and pandemonium. Jesus may be watchful of our hearts, but it is Satan who looks over our shoulder, here and now.

Exorcisms are real and very nasty, but not all always as harsh as the movies portray them to be. These hauntings of this or that is majority Hollywood nonsense. It is true that Satan tempts us to give in, but it’s not always for money, power and extreme gratifications as televisions perceive it to be. We live in a precarious society, but not all is lost. Their is time to take control of our lives. Yes, we have free will to choose a side, but what if both sides promise a peaceful solution and not the demise that awaits us? Drama is everywhere and awaits us around every corner, and prayer doesn’t make it go away. Jesus answers our prayers in His time, not when we see fit…but what if Satan would give us the will to control how and what we do with our lives.

Judas hung himself from the tree for betraying Jesus for the sake of thirty pieces of silver. It was Satan that got to Judas, but it was also because Judas was hungry for money and Satan gave him the nudge needed to surrender to the will of greed. What if Satan gave us the will to live in peace and a serene life? Would we follow him? We all know that Jesus worked miracles and still works miracles today through devout Christians. If Satan can cause nudges to create mayhem and pandemonium, he can also cause the life of wisdom and serenity. Most people view Satan as audacious beast that causes death and destruction, but not always so. Now, I’m not promoting Satan, but then again, he isn’t as aggressively destructive as people can be. Just as Jesus can answer prayers and cause miracles, so can Satan…all it takes is what is in your heart, and both Satan and Jesus will give the nudge that is needed.


About luis castillo

An introvert who enjoys reading, writing and journal entry and recently picked up iphoneography along the way. My "Walls of Solitude" is my sanctuary and where most, if not all of my writings scream through my fingertips.
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One Response to Who would you follow if….

  1. The one bad thing Christianity did, among others, is separate men from God. We don’t perceive ourselves as an integral part of God; we pray to Him as if He were somewhere OUT there, but not WITHIN us . From the beginning, we are told we had been expelled, separated, denied; that we can’t help but sin, suffer and pay our dues. What a load of crap to make us unhappy, violent and easy to control.
    Try thinking outside religious dogma.

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