A Simple Life With A Touch Of Introversion

To live a life of less stress would be very serene for all of us. Now, that’s not saying to live a stress-free life because I think that’s impossible unless God allows it somehow. Settling debts together with forgiving those who have troubled us in our pasts or present time, is a necessity. To really let go of the thought of the fancy cars, big houses and the lavish lifestyle is very important. Of course, these are things that most of us know or heard, but find it difficult to let materialism go. To succumb to the life of consumerism and materialism, is not the way of God, but the way of worldiness. Some may think this as frivolous, but it is the truth that not many want to hear.

The life of aristocracy is not in the interest of God nor anything that associates itself with it. We must practice humility and our decorum’s must be as exuberant as ever. Enjoy life’s bliss with the thought of doing all for God and none for ourselves. It is the unavoidable truth, that we must confess our sins and to ask for forgiveness. Like everything the first time, it’s difficult, but once it’s done the first time, every time after that seems easier…just takes practice. It starts with home and the family, to teach them to appreciate what they have, and not what they want because that is consumerism and greed trying to muddle through. For me, it’s easier to describe Jesus than it is to describe Satan, for Jesus and Mother Mary are all over the place in our apartment.

It’s a bit tough for me, being an introvert, to go to Mass and to dwell amongst people, though it would be a peaceful place, I just have trouble being in places of so many people. I understand that I wanted to become a Deacon, but I see that it was MY ambition and not His. If it was my calling or if it is my calling, I’ll leave it to Him to acknowledge it and to have it come to pass instead of me forcing it. And that it a problem for some, they force agendas amongst themselves that seem to fail. I’m sure that’s happened to many of us a lot. We ask ourselves, “Why didn’t this work out”?, or “Why can’t this happen to me”?. Now, I see that it wasn’t His agenda for me, but it was what I wanted for myself. It was hapless for me to assume that I could do anything I wanted, if I put my mind to it, when that’s really not the case at all.

I certainly could not become a Deacon, with a side of introversion. That would have been awkward and extremely difficult. I look out my window towards the woods and all I see are leaves falling because of the wind, but it feels like a weight lifted off my shoulders that I tried so very hard to become what I wanted when it wasn’t the case. It may sound ridiculous, but I’ll ask God to guide my steps before I wash the dishes, or clean the house, sweep the floor…everything I do for Him before and as I do it. It seems to be the only way, that things work out for the best. One of my biggest problems, was when I drive because of the road-rage that I dealt with for so long, however, now I ask for His blessing and to keep me safe and that seems to be working.

With all the calamity going on in the world, I can’t help but see that this world is in dire need of help. Now, I’m not saying I want the Second Coming yet, but it seems to be among us so. I still have much to answer for and still seek forgiveness and I’m pretty sure some of you do also. I see Our Lord Jesus Christ, as the clout that He is, and everything that is happening in the world today is an exhortation of what may come in the future. I have great respect for those who reverently believe in Jesus Christ and keep His word and do it.


About luis castillo

An introvert who enjoys reading, writing and journal entry and recently picked up iphoneography along the way. My "Walls of Solitude" is my sanctuary and where most, if not all of my writings scream through my fingertips.
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