Doesn’t Anyone Want To Live Humbly Anymore?

The last time I heard this, I asked myself that very question. So, I began taking the initiative and began to slowly rid of excess material goods that I believed we could do without. Now, I say this with my own stuff, not my kids or my wife’s stuff. Last year, I gave away brand new sneakers and posted the ad for it on Craigslist, as my gift to anyone for Christmas. That’s how I began my slow transformation of humility. It still goes on till this day, but with a better sense of purpose this time around. With what looks like to be another duel for the debt ceiling and the possibility of it to occur, I feel more compelled to help out. Oh! I forgot to mention that I helped out at Pantry as well.

In the media and some conversations that I used to hear, was all about how they have less money, that things should be more constricted and to have tighter budgets. It’s an all too common conversation amongst friends, but what doesn’t compute with me is how they manage to purchase cars, have bigger homes and attain more money than most, and aren’t charitable. It’s pathetic, to have the means to be charity and neglect it, but those who want to be charitable, don’t have the means to show they care for others. I believe that it is a much better outcome for humanity, to be better to each other than who has more material goods and consumer power. It’s still about egos and who prosper the most and how high up the corporate ladder they go.

In all countries I speak of, not just the U.S. I remembered the days of driving daily and seeing the homeless, at the middle intersections having signs, asking for money. Now, I’m specifically speaking of the cities of Boston and New York City and the smaller neighborhoods in between. If I had a picture, for every nice car, at a light AND there’s a homeless person to drivers left, I’d be seriously rich. It always seems that only what jumps out at people and makes them ponder something stimulating, it’s not worth the time to look twice. Most of us perceive a nice car, is attributed to wealth…so, then we either wonder how great their life must be, or we despise them, for having such a nice ride, during tough economic times.

It’s extremely, if not impossible to remain humble once anyone comes across money, that they would not be able to achieve during their lifetime. The lottery, is the worst thing to do to a person…psychologically and eventually emotionally. It’s the most destructive, deceiving way of life that we must live by. But, for some, who know of what money can do to a person, can and should show details and means of avoiding such a hypnosis type state of having the possession of so much money. I can’t stress that enough, money changes EVERYONE! It many seem subtle, but it is not. It must be some chemical imbalance or something, but it’s usually a change for the worst.

Remember that Notorious B.I.G “Mo Money, Mo Problems”? Well, those in my generation do anyway, but it was telling us the truth. The entire synopsis, is in the title. Money is the magnet that never wears off, that always works. He tragically died, at a light from many shots. (No Illuminati talk on this please).

When the love and once serene humbleness leave the person, it is nearly impossible, to get that become humble once again. Having the least of material goods gives us more of what life is truly about, not the distraction of how material you can make your life become. This is for all who are humble, and stay true to what you believe to be right. Caring for others and being civilized minded people is how to live life. To be humble is not easily attained. It must be something driven and maintained and must start young. The older we become, the less likely to become humble, especially those with monetary debts. The more monetary debt we have, the less likely we are to be humble. What makes me sometimes laugh, is when people say, that once they have an abundance amount of money, that is when they will turn humble and give! Seldom an earnest statement and mostly untrue, but it just goes to show us that money hungry people, can dwell into the future and tell us how money will change a future, in an instant.


About luis castillo

An introvert who enjoys reading, writing and journal entry and recently picked up iphoneography along the way. My "Walls of Solitude" is my sanctuary and where most, if not all of my writings scream through my fingertips.
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2 Responses to Doesn’t Anyone Want To Live Humbly Anymore?

  1. D.R. Tracy says:

    Amen. I’ve often stated that I wish money never existed, because it does change people. I know what it’s like to have plenty as well as nothing, but I thank God for the spirit he’s given me for the love of humanity…it’s about people, not power. I also stated that if I were rich I would be the most broke among people. God came to Solomon and said; “Ask whatever you wish and I would give it to you.” He only asked for wisdom to lead God’s people. The result is that he was the richest king that ever lived, but God gave his wisdom to manage that. His first desire was to please God, and that is why. I only can pray; “Lord, don’t give me so much that I would forget about you, and too little that I would sin against thee and others. Only sustain me, that I may praise thee and speak of all the wonderful things you have done for me.” Amen

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